Workshops: Coming 2020

Conference: Coming 2020

The Applied AI Software Conference for Developers

Uncover real-world practices and use-cases for AI and machine learning in software development EU is a practical AI and machine learning conference bringing together software teams working on all aspects of AI and machine learning.

Discover emerging AI trends, essential tools, and learnings to validate your software roadmap.

Coming 2020

Benefits of attending

  • Learn from speakers driving innovation and change in AI and ML.
  • Identify best practices from those working on in-production projects.
  • Uncover emerging trends and tools.
  • Focus on patterns & practices, not products or pitches.
  • Acquire implementable ideas for your projects.
  • Meet AI and ML leaders from innovator and early adopter companies
  • Validate your AI and ML roadmap.
  • Emphasis on software engineering rather than data science.

What to Expect from EU EU is a three-day conference focused on the major machine learning and AI software trends affecting software engineers today. The conference features in-depth, rigorous technical talks as seen through a software engineer’s lens covering everything from tooling, practices, and use cases of AI and machine learning.

All our speakers are working on real-world AI and ML projects that are in production. Our high-quality talks are from innovators in the industry. There’s no sales pitch - just great content that will help you and your team get a much broader and deeper understanding as to where AI is headed, and where it is actively being applied to help you validate your AI and ML practices and roadmap. EU will be opening for registration soon. See our speakers, tracks and schedule from San Francisco for a preview of what to expect

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Why EU

Why Senior Developers, Architects, and Software Engineers are looking for AI and Machine Learning Topics geared towards them? Applied AI for software engineers rather than data scientists
Sander Mak
Sr Software Engineer at Luminis Technologies

Machine learning is one of the trends that need your attention. We’ve all heard about deep learning and the cool stuff Google is doing with it, but I think that enterprise applications product owners will be asking for more of these features. While it’s not trivial to get into, I think machine learning is really a skill set that software engineers should acquire now.

Felipe Huici
Chief Researcher, Systems & ML at NEC Laboratories

What I see as a major trend is that a lot of things (not everything, but alot of them) are going to become more and more driven by machine learning algorithms. If you care about your resume, it is going to look nice to say I have machine learning experience.

Haley Tucker

Software Engineer, Netflix

What I’d like to look more into and spend more time on is the machine learning space. I keep running into problems in my current job that just feels like there is a machine learning solution to it. I think there is alot of value in spending time in that space.

Is EU Right for You?

Our attendees roles are:

Software Developer / Programmer/ Engineer

Senior Developer / Engineer

Technical Team Lead and Higher (including):

  • Technical Team Lead

  • Senior Management (VP, CTO, CIO, Director)

  • Architect: Technical / Application (platform specific)

  • Enterprise Architect / Chief Architect

  • Architect: Solution / Systems

  • Technical Project Manager


Bleeding-edge for the Enterprise

Bring trends from innovator and early adopter companies home to your team

Private On-device Recommendation

Deep Learning

Unsupervised Learning

Self-Driving Vehicles

Transfer Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning Model Interpretability

Multi-Task Learning

Stream Processing


Recommendation Engines


Recommendations / Personalization / Relevance



Sequential Data

Fairness / Privacy



Spark Streaming


Jupyter Notebooks

R / Python Use Cases & Tips

Meet and Learn from Your Peers

20 Minute Breaks “The Hallway Track”

Mingle and network with other attendees, speakers & sponsors.

Ask Me Anything Sessions with the Speakers

AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are Q&A periods with our speakers outside of the normal track boundaries. AMAs are one more opportunity to connect with speakers and learn from their journey.

Attendees talk about the Speakers

  • of QCon attendees feel they are learning from an expert peer

  • of QCon attendees rate the level of content as expert